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New console announcement will soon shake up gaming

The world of console gaming is currently dominated by the likes of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

A new competitor is about to enter the arena, and it is set to make waves.

Valve, the company behind many popular PC gaming options through its Steam digital distribution platform, is soon throwing its hat into the console world. Currently rumored to be called the Steam Box or Piston, this system was discussed with no real confirmation until Valve founder Gabe Newell confirmed its existence.

The system would allow for use of PC games available through its Steam store to be playable on your TV instead of needing a gaming PC. It would also remain open on the software side to allow for customization not currently possible in the world of the PS3, Xbox360 or Nintendo Wii U.

Running a Linux operating system, it would provide a standard specification that future games could be developed for, allowing more games to be released specifically for the device.

Although such a console has all but been announced, it is expected to release later this year to compete in the coveted Christmas shopping season.

When it is announced, the current big names in console gaming should take note, or they may soon be struggling for market share.