Natalie’s old friend

PR student finds outlet in drawing

As humans, we need art—it is a release, an escape.

This is why Natalie Bycraft draws and paints. She isn’t looking for fame or money; it’s just something she loves to do. As a freshman in the public relations program, she joined the Imagine More Art Association (IMAA) and found an outlet for relaxation.

“I heard this story from someone. He loved working on cars, and then he became a mechanic. He had to do it all of the time, and he got sick of it. I don’t want that to happen with my art. [If I] keep it as hobby, I won’t have to lose the hobby that I’ve known forever,” Bycraft said.

In a sense, art is Bycraft’s oldest friend. While growing up in Commerce, she didn’t inherit the talent from a relative, nor can she remember when she started drawing. But now, at the age of 18, she remembers art always being a part of her.

Bycraft’s portraits, mostly simple colored pencil sketches, focus on human emotion through physical expressions. Each work features a person or people in a simple pose that draws attention to a laugh, a sly smile, or perhaps a kiss. Each is bright and vibrant. Even her black and white pencil pieces are somehow colorful.

“I really love drawing people. There are so many different details to a face that are fun to draw. Humans have cool structures that make for fun drawings,” Bycraft said.

One piece currently rests in the IMAA’s display outside of the Rankin Art Gallery, and a few more pieces are slated for a display on the fourth floor of FLITE. Her art has also been featured twice at showcases during FSU Unplugged, a live music event held at Biggby Coffee every couple of weeks.

Bycraft is excited about the exposure and recognition, but she intends to concentrate on academics and her career.

Before coming to Ferris, Bycraft selected Kendall College to pursue an art career.

“But, I realized I wanted to do something more in business, and I found public relations. I found out that Ferris has a great PR program. I love it; it’s so much fun,” Bycraft said.

In the future, she hopes to sell some art work on the side, but nothing more. Art is her friend, not her job.