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Crowd-funding website revives cult favorite show

Just about everyone can think of one of their old favorite shows that was cancelled before its time.

These cult classics are held in great regard, and supporters hope they would eventually receive a second chance. With new changes in media, these shows are being given a second chance.

The most recent occurrence of such is with the show Veronica Mars. The show aired three seasons and was then canceled. Although not a ratings success, the show received much acclaim from fans and critics alike. After the series was finished, show creator Rob Thomas wrote a feature film script that Warner Bros. decided not to support.

As a way of showing the studio that there is enough fan support for a feature film to wrap up the show, a Kickstarter project was started with a goal of $2 million. Such Kickstarter donations included rewards such as copies of the finished movie, tickets to the premiere and even a walk-on role as a waiter in the film.

Ten hours into the month-long Kickstarter, the project already reached its goal and has doubled the total within a few days. This massive support for the movie shows the studio that the fan support exists, and therefore they can put the remaining funds up to produce the film.

This way of fans to show support of a previously-canceled show may be used for more projects to illustrate that a fan base is still around, and they’ll show their voice with their wallet.