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RVIVR – “The Beauty Between”

The punk “in” kids have had RVIVR all to themselves for a while now, but they can’t keep the band to themselves much longer.

RVIVR is one of a number of quality bands to rise from the ashes of Latterman, a group that includes popular acts like Iron Chic and Daytrader. Though notoriously a prickly bunch, RVIVR has won people over with promising EPs and now a free, great full-length.

Available for download on Rumbletowne Records’ website, the 14 song album proves to be a whirlwind of fist-pumping, pop-punk in the vein of early 2000s punk bands.

Powered by machine gun percussion, guitar flaying and dual vocals at its best points, the album has fun early and gets more dynamic and serious later. Both sides work well, with multiple standout tracks anchoring each half.

Matt Canino (of Latterman) and Erica Freas share vocal duties, and the music is usually better when both are singing. On those occasions when it’s an individual effort, Freas’ moments are brightest—but also fewer.

Canino’s voice isn’t bad, but Freas’ voice is simply more singular and dynamic. More time for her would be a big upgrade. Her only spotlight track and one she’d recorded before, “Spider Song,” is a total, shredding standout.

Though it lags the tiniest bit in the middle, “The Beauty Between” moves quickly and strongly. Whether it be “LMD” or “Wrong Way/One Way” or “The Hunger Suite 1. Go Away,” listeners’ favorite tracks will be all over the map.

Though there are nitpicks, “The Beauty Between” is a huge step-up and one of the better punk full-lengths of the short year. Even if they can be a bit strong-willed, let’s hope the folks in RVIVR stick around for a while.