Please and thank you

Customer service.

My first job was in customer service at a local fast food restaurant. This was not only a great place to start gaining work experience, but also teach me life lessons.

I was able to be on the other side of the counter serving customers as they came and went. As many of you have probably experienced, customer attitudes vary from friendly to down right rude. Dealing with those upset or mean customers was always a challenge I had to overcome. My motto was the customer is always right, and I should make the experience worthwhile. I was representing the fast food chain. The last thing I wanted to do was make the customer unhappy and regret coming.

Everyone wants a quick, enjoyable experience when dealing with any transaction. That is how our society is. Since I have been on the other side, I now try harder to treat people who work in customer service with as much respect as possible.

Sometimes you are angry and want to yell at the person, but it is most likely not their fault. It is a tough position to uphold by trying to satisfy everyone. Think about a time when you have dealt with someone over the phone, which is an even harder challenge than face to face.

Before you open your mouth and say something mean, which may ruin someone else’s day, pause and think about it. What could you have done differently if you were in their shoes? Everyone in a customer service position has rules and guidelines by which they must abide, so the sky may not be the limit.

This is just another example of treating others with respect. Just because you’re upset does not mean you have the right to make others upset.

A simple please and thank you is all that is needed. As a society, I don’t think we use those words enough. We are not grateful for the people who help us.

The next time the greeter at the store says “Have a nice day,” tell them thank you. It will make their day a little brighter.