Who will be ‘The Best Man?’

Meet the lead cast members of upcoming performance

Isaac Wilson
Freshman, music industry management

As an avid lover of the arts, Isaac Wilson seems like the right man to be in theater.

Since his junior year of high school, Wilson has delved into theater and has been involved in various plays. However, the lead in a serious drama is new for the musically inclined man.

“I got into musical theater, which combines two of my bigger passions. I love music and I love theater,” Wilson explained.

Wilson plays the role of Joe Cantwell, senator, presidential candidate and well-known man because of his ruthless tactics to get to the top. While Wilson does not consider himself ruthless, he credits himself for working hard.

“I’m definitely ambitious. I strive a lot to get ahead. I work my butt off here on campus,” Wilson said.

Wilson is also involved with Music Industry Management Association, D-SAGA, pep band and is pledging for Phi Sigma Kappa.

Excited, but also nervous for opening night, Wilson hopes the audience will be able to learn the moral message from the play.

Julia Steudle
Freshman, psychology

Julia Steudle is aspiring to be the next Byron Williams, at least when it comes to singing.

“I sing pretty much everywhere,” Steudle explained about her encounter with the cashier in the market while singing along to the radio.

Steudle started theater back in middle school and has not stopped since. She originally joined to quit playing softball, but since then has held numerous leads including Annie Sullivan in Miracle Worker.

Mabel Cantwell, wife of presidential candidate Joe Cantwell, is Steudle’s first big role at Ferris. She describes Mabel as a catty woman who loves to be the big person in the room and undermine others.

Admitting she likes to be center of attention, Steudle explained that she does identify with the character on stage.

Steudle is in acting class at Ferris and is involved with an improv group. She hopes to pursue acting after college with a dream of ending up on Broadway.

Sami Lesniak
Sophomore, television and digital media management

Going from the chorus to a lead role in a play could seem a little daunting, but Sami Lesniak is up to the challenge.

After Lesniak’s suitemate urged her to audition and she declined, she quickly saw how much fun being in theater was. She immediately tried out for the next play and became part of the chorus for Avenue Q.

“I love it. I love the people. It’s such an inviting environment,” Lesniak said.

Now, in her third play, Lesniak takes on the role of Alice Russell, wife of presidential candidate William Russell. She admits she’s shy and reasons that is why she identifies with her character so well.

Lesniak, nervous for opening night, is excited to see where the show will go. She hopes people come out and enjoy the play.

Tyler Griffith
Junior, forensic biology

This man is not afraid to take risks.

Tyler Griffith’s first play at Ferris was “The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later,” which documented the town’s reaction to Matthew Shepard’s murder. Impacted by the play, Griffith spent an entire semester in Laramie, Wyo.

“Being a gay man, the play deeply touched me, and I wanted to go to Laramie to learn more about the town and Matthew,” Griffith explained. “It was a very revealing and inspirational experience, and I’m so glad I was involved in the show.”

Griffith is in his first lead role as William Russell. He believes he identifies with his character to some extent, finding that they are both talented, witty individuals striving to do the right thing.

However, Griffith prefers roles that differ from him personally, as he strives to constantly be a better actor. Griffith is also a student recruiting associate for Ferris and secretary of the Secular Student Alliance.