Money, money

Are we living above our needs?

I know I could easily live without a television or my iPhone. Have I chosen to live without it? No.

So this column is not about lecturing anyone, but to encourage you to honestly think about what you truly need for happiness.

Money does not make me happy by allowing me to pay the bills on time. However, lacking money can be a headache, and I wish money wasn’t an issue for anyone.

I know many people are affected by money because that is how we operate as a society. Money keeps the economy going, in good times and bad.

Some people have to live paycheck-to-paycheck, while others are living extremely comfortably and not having to worry if they will have a house in a month.

If we all assess how much we truly need versus what we want, we may be in a better state. This doesn’t mean we cannot get what we want. Everyone should be able to spoil himself or herself.

My worry is that cuts are happening in the wrong area to save money. I look to education funding, where my high school is underdoing a $1 million cut for the next school year, and this cut will affect over 20 teachers, and, in turn, will affect the students’ education.

Is there anything we could have done as a society to stop this?

Movies, music and athletics don’t seem to be hurting as badly. I am sure there have been cuts in these areas, but actors and professional athletes still make millions. Most people could live the rest of their lives with a million dollars.

Yet cuts are affecting the education of our future leaders? But aren’t we the source of the problem? We are the ones going to the movie theater or the baseball stadium for fun. We are fueling the paychecks of these people—not to say they are not deserving of their paychecks, but do they need that much? I know many give back, so I am not saying this is the only bad source.

I don’t want to cut the fun out of people’s lives. I just want our current situation reassessed. I know there has to be something we can do to help our economy.