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Google is helping you prepare for a digital afterlife

However morbid it may be, death is inevitable for everyone.

When a person passes away, his or her online presence will continue on even without additional input. These inactive profiles are often a point of contention for what should be done with them.

Facebook currently allows friends or families to submit proof (such as a death certificate) to “memorialize” a profile, which removes the deceased’s profile from searches while still allowing for posts on their wall.

Google recently introduced its tool for such a program called Inactive Account Manager. After a set period of time, whether that is several months or a year, without logging in, Google will begin to deal with your account.

Users can name beneficiaries for their information or have it simply deleted. This can be customized per Google Product (so Gmail messages could be deleted while Picasa photos are still shared).

As social media becomes more and more a facet of our daily lives, its repercussions for a post-mortem existence need to be sorted out and planned for in advance.