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Facebook to debut large video ads this summer

Advertising on Facebook has yet to be tapped to its fullest.

Now, Facebook is looking to cash in. The current system of small, unobtrusive advertisements lining the right side of your Facebook news feed will soon have some new company.

Starting this summer, Facebook will roll out large auto-playing video ads on sides of your Facebook news feed.

Unlike the current ads, these will not be targeted to your exact profile. Instead, Facebook is dividing its users into four markets: men/women either above/below 30.

With four different ads per day, Facebook is looking for up to $1 million per spot. This new source of nearly $4 million will bring non-specific advertising to Facebook’s massive user base.

Although they will be capped so no user sees more than three per day, most users of the social media site will easily hit that limit each day.

Facebook is bringing this in to appease the largest advertisers who are not satisfied being featured on the same level as local stores for each user’s profile.