We’re Cookin’ now

Meet the interim director of Ferris DPS

Captain Jim Cook is the interim director of the Ferris State Department of Public Safety. He is a lifelong resident of Big Rapids and has been employed at Ferris since 1990.

Cook received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Ferris State in criminal justice. He has a son who is currently serving in the United States Army and two daughters, one who is currently enrolled at Ferris. He listens to ‘80s metal and gangster rap on occasion. Bowling is his off-duty passion, and he has bowled two perfect games in town at The Gate.

Q: What have you learned about students
during your tenure here at Ferris?
Cook: Having three children, two of them out of college and one of them still in, they’re no different than my own kids.

Q: Having a daughter here at Ferris, do you think having a father on the campus police force is difficult for her?
Cook: She doesn’t advertize the fact that she’s my daughter. My wife is a teacher at the university, and she doesn’t advertize that either.

Q: Do you have a favorite movie?
Cook: Probably “Patton.” My father served under General Patton during World War II.

Q: What was walking on campus like the first time as a student?
Cook: I learned how to ride my bike on campus. I grew up on Ives Street, but for me, it wasn’t much of a transition. Coming to the university was the first time that I interacted with different cultures.

Q: Any advice for first year students, where it may be their first time separated from family?
Cook: Seek out relationships with hall directors and upper-classmen, and you need to listen to what other people say but pick out the good things people say and live your life with them.

Q: What do you do for fun here in Big Rapids?
Cook: I bowl quite a bit, and I own a house in the country now. Just going for walks in the woods or grabbing the shotgun and hunting while it’s in season is a lot of fun.

Q: You’re a journalist too; how did you first get involved in writing a bowling column for the local paper?
Cook: When I was a child, my family owned a bowling alley in town called Rapid Lanes located at the pharmacy center on campus. My dad picked up writing the article for about five years, and I have been writing it for about 23 years now.

Q: What are you doing this summer?
Cook: My daughter and I are coaching the Special Olympics Bowl. We practice at The Gate from 10 until noon on Saturdays, and then we go to the games at the end of May. We’re always looking for volunteers. If students are interested, contact Pat Rosales at 231-867-3008.

Q: Would you ever live anywhere else other than Big Rapids?
Cook: Apparently not. I’ll retire here; Big Rapids is home to me.