Save the date

Guide to important dates of the fall semester

So, you’ve decided to go to Ferris, or maybe you’re just returning after a great summer break.

You registered for classes. Now, after you start to look at them, you have some questions about what you can do, should you absolutely hate one of them.

There are some dates to keep in mind, especially for freshmen who may have never had the problem of add/drop or class switching that can come along with college. In high school, you could just waltz into the guidance counselor’s office and ask them to move you from one class to another, easy as pie. Not so in college.

Date Number One: Late registration is Aug. 21, 22 and 23. This means that if for some reason you have missed orientation, your financial aid package isn’t complete or you decided late in the summer that you wanted to go to school, these dates are for you.

Date Number Two: First day of school is Aug. 26. It will be the easiest day of classes. Don’t skip it—you’ll want to remember that the first day is the easiest for the rest of your college career.

Date Number Three: Add/ drop dates begin Aug. 26 and end Aug. 29. You have approximately three days to decide if the classes you are taking are going to work out for you during the semester without any penalties. Just make sure you don’t drop below the minimum required hours needed to receive your financial aid.

Date Number Four: The last day to withdraw and not have the grade count against your GPA is Oct. 31. Receiving a “W” for withdrawing does not hurt your GPA, but you will still have to pay for the class. By this time, nearly half of the semester has passed and you should be able to judge whether or not you can pass the class.

Taking a “W” is sometimes the better option because it shows you know your limits, especially if you choose to retake the class the next semester with a fresh outlook and attitude.