The real SocialFest2013

A guide to the Ferris pages you’ll actually look at

The Ferris State Social Media Team is working to promote the various official pages affiliated with the university, but there are many more “unofficial” pages that have captured more attention from the student body.

Several Facebook pages gained large numbers of followers last spring semester.

The one that took off to more than 4,100 likes was FSU Confessions, a collection of anonymous submissions that either resonate to the Ferris student body or just to simply college students. Although posts may be from an anonymous source, the comments, which can be equally brutal to read, are much more identifiable. If you want to read more about this, look up my previous article called “Confess More.”

Another page that gained a lot of attention was Ferris Crushes, where anonymous submissions of attraction are shared with a large audience. The “creep” factor definitely can be seen in a noticeable fraction of the posts. This can be done with likes, comments or even directly linking to the Facebook profile to the relevant person, facilitating any further online photo stalking by everyone else.

A related page to Crushes would be Ferris Singles, which serves as basically Craigslist personals for our campus. That’s all I think I really need to say.

The “original” Ferris page that still has the largest following is Ferris Memes. Although its postings have trickled down to a rarity, a look back through its previous posts will definitely be relevant and applicable even for our campus today.

Onto the Twittersphere, there is really only one page that has captured a decent following: @FerrisProbz. The page is made up of a collection of tweets and retweets about the struggles that our student body deals with from day to day. It also includes photos of the ridiculous sights seen on campus and around the town of Big Rapids.

Several other Twitter pages serve the sole purpose of promoting locations of parties. Now, if you are in the majority of students who remain under the legal drinking age, I would greatly recommend you try not to get trashed and head to those locations. The promotion of a party online is basically an invitation for a police presence along with minor in possession tickets given out like they’re candy.

So before you go along with the university and tweet with the hashtag of #FerrisStrong (you know, like #BostonStrong, to show the strength of a city to persevere after a terrorist attack, which we are totally at that level), be sure to check out the pages other students will definitely be utilizing.