Coffee lovers

Students opine on the two big coffee chains

It’s that time of year again. Back to school and back to consuming insane amounts of coffee. There are a number of options available both in and out of the coffee shop, but there are two major coffee chains located on, or close to, campus: Biggby and Starbucks. We asked five Ferris students which option they preferred, and why.

“Starbucks, it’s convenient because it’s on campus, the service is fast and friendly, and I like simple black coffee and they have the best! I love their breakfast blend!”
Alexa Donakowski
Senior, business administration

“I would choose Starbucks simply because it’s what I’ve always had and it’s what I know that I like! I never had Biggby and never thought to try anything else.”
Casey Postma
Junior, information security and intelligence

“I love Biggby! I think it’s so cool that it’s based in Michigan, and I grew up going there with my dad. They have really good coffee.”
Mariah Shaltry
Junior, graphic design

“I like Biggby more because the coffee tastes much better and it’s a better flavor. Starbucks, while good, doesn’t put as much into their coffee. While mainly I just brew my own. I do prefer Biggby.”
Connor Ivens
Junior, information security and intelligence

“Starbucks, because the flavor of their coffee is better and I enjoy the environment more.”
Lindsay Johnson
Junior, pre-nursing