Making changes

This year, The Torch is recommitting itself to doing the news the right way.

As a collegiate newspaper, it’s easy for us to get caught up in producing fun, lighthearted content that our peers will enjoy. Too often, we ask ourselves, “what do students want to read?” rather than “what do students need to read?”

In order to provide you with the information you need to know, The Torch will be reassessing how we report on campus news. I’m talking about everything from football to student government to campus crime.

In recent years, we have not given adequate coverage to various organizations, offices and issues at Ferris. It has been a shortcoming of our publication, and for that, I apologize. Rest assured, things will be changing.

We promise to still bring you the fun features you look for every week like the crossword puzzle and Bulldog Babble, but be on the lookout for hard news stories and investigative pieces as well.

Starting off on the right foot, check out newcomer Ashley Bradstreet’s story about the new dining facility (“Westside Café opens after remodel”) on page 5. It’s just one of several stories in this issue which aligns with our new mission.

While we strive to better serve you, we ask for your input to help us do so. Engage us on Facebook, Twitter or our website. Feel free to stop me on the street if you feel so inclined! We want to know what you think as well as hear any questions you have.

It may sound cheesy, but The Torch is by Ferris students and for Ferris students. Our goal is to be your go-to place for Ferris-related news. Together we can make The Torch better which will in turn, I believe, make this university better as a whole.