Swim. Bike. Run. Class.

From classroom to competition, one student shows extreme dedication

Being a dedicated athlete can be difficult, especially while attending school for not one but two degrees.

Evan Moreau is a Ferris accounting and computer information systems senior, and despite his heavy class load, Moreau still finds time to hit the gym two to three hours per day.

“I always feel like I want to dedicate more, but I never really have the chance to put in the full time,” Moreau said.

He has competed in six triathlons, one sprint triathlon and two full marathons. Intermediate triathlons involve a .93 mile swim, 25 mile bike ride and 6.2 mile run. Sprint triathlons involve shorter distances.

Moreau’s sprint triathlon took place this past summer in Harbor Springs, where he placed top five overall and finished first in his age group by more than ten minutes. Coming into the school year, Moreau has been training for the Chicago marathon, which will take place this October.

“I want to get to Boston. I’m using Chicago to hopefully qualify,” Moreau said.

Moreau’s love of sports started early. In high school back in his hometown of Onaway, he competed in cross-country and track, played soccer and hockey and was even a part of the golf team. His love of running started in middle school, where he had a seemingly endless supply of energy.

Upon starting college, he took up cycling because of a friend who urged him to compete in a triathlon. He has loved cycling ever since.

When asked his preference between footraces and competing in triathlons, Moreau could not decide.

“I like mixing it up all the time so I don’t get bored,” Moreau said. This year, Moreau has competed in the River Bank Run 25k in Grand Rapids, the Spring Triathlon in Harbor Springs and the Olympic Triathlon in Petoskey.

Besides constantly training and attending school, Moreau enjoys yoga, making coffee, collecting vinyl records and listening to new music.

Known for wearing shorts even on the coldest days of winter, Moreau also has another quirk. He doesn’t wear socks.

“I don’t wear socks when I run or cycle. Socks get all sweaty and then they’re all wet and sticky,” Moreau said.

Looking ahead, Moreau hopes to start Ironman training upon graduation from Ferris.

“I like setting large goals and pushing my body to the limit.”