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Humble Bundles give great deals for a good cause

Everyone loves a good deal.

And being frugal is one of the defining traits of being a college student.

When it comes to entertainment options, whether that be video games, music, or even eBooks, price is a major worry.

Collections of these entertainment options are offered online by Humble Bundle with a unique pricing system.

Humble Bundle utilizes a pay-what-you-want systems, where the consumer decides on the price for the product they are purchasing. The proceeds for such sales goes to various charities such as Child’s Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the American Red Cross.

Different collections have been offered in two-week windows, with an incentive to pay more than the average by including more products in the collection.

Throughout the various bundles offered, more than 20 million dollars has been given to charity.

So the next time you need to find some new entertainment, see if you can get both a great deal as well help others in need.