Ferris to host “Mix it Up” lunch at Westside Café

Ferris students in the multicultural exchange program will host the first “Mix it Up” lunch of the year to promote diversity awareness.

This event encourages students to eat lunch with someone they’ve never met or wouldn’t regularly sit with.

“The ‘Mix it Up’ lunch is a national initiate coordinated by tolerance.org,” said Michael Wade, assistant director of the office of multicultural student services (OMSS) and event coordinator for “Mix it Up”. “It encourages students to cross cultural and social boundaries that exist and make connections with fellow students.”

Students without meal plans can also participate. Interested students must RSVP to OMSS to attend the event. “Mix it Up” events have been around for over 10 years. Middle schools, high schools and colleges participate nationwide. Promotion of this event is done through posters campus wide. Last year, 35 students were involved in the “Mix it Up” lunch and responded positively to the event.

Diversity awareness is a key goal of OMSS. Students are given the opportunity to be involved through events such as “Mix it Up”.

“Studies say the most segregated area in society is the lunch room in relation to our schools,” Wade said. “‘Mix it Up’ tries to break down those barriers and help students meet someone they might not have otherwise.”

Mabel Acosta, student chair of multicultural exchange, will be at the event to promote the organization and invite students to get involved.

“‘Mix it Up’ is a great way to get started in being a bigger part of this university,” Acosta said. “Many times it is hard to know where to start in getting involved, but with an event like this, it is nice and easy to have someone with you who can talk about their experiences.”

Organizers hope this event helps students come together and understand others from different backgrounds. Any student is welcome to attend “Mix it Up”.

Ferris sophomore pre-med and forensic biology Celia Robinson is excited to see what “Mix it Up” is all about.

“I wasn’t even aware that the university offered an event like this, so I am most interested to see how it is put on and to meet new people,” Robinson said.

Students in the multicultural exchange program will host the first event in October. They will be placed strategically throughout the designated area.

Students can go to Westside Café (located in Bond Circle) on Thursday, Sept. 12, to participate in the first event. On Oct. 30, Ferris will hold the same event. The national “Mix it Up” day is Oct. 30. Another event is scheduled for a later date.