Student government budget approved

Ferris student government voted to put the proposed budget of $56,900 into effect for 2013-14 year on Sept. 3.

The budget totals $37,300 with $19,600 rollover for next year.

The Big Event will receive the largest portion of the budget totaling $15,500. Fourteen expenses make up the total Big Event budget including a trailer for $4,200 a new map of Big Rapids for $250 and catering for $4000 and more. Ferris students come together for the Big Event to give back to the community through volunteering. The Big Event is scheduled for April 13.

Jessica Trindle, interim vice president, explained some of the overhead expenses.

“The current map that we use [for the Big Event] is terrible,” Trindle said. “You can’t see the zones very well so we’re just going to blow up the current map and highlight the zones much better.”

Student government will also purchase a trailer for $4,200.

This new trailer will hold supplies needed for the Big Event.

Josh DeMars, student government treasurer, created the budget with help from Student Government President Erin Williams and Executive Secretary for student Affairs Linda Telfer. The budget was discussed and created over the summer.

“It was a collaborative effort that took three months, meeting with the committee heads to see how much money they need and reviewing last year’s budget,” DeMars said.