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Kindle Matchbook bundles print and e-books


It’s almost become a lost art for our age group, but an increasing prevalence of reading on devices we already use every day is helping change that.

The conflict book enthusiasts have to deal with is whether to purchase e-books that can be read electronically or to opt for more collectable print editions. When both options share a similar price, the reader’s decision is made even more difficult.

Amazon seeks to end that dilemma by offering its new service, Kindle Matchbook. Based on the participation of different publishers, print editions of books can come with e-books for free or for an additional fee, limited to three dollars.

The service will be retroactive for any applicable purchases done through Amazon for new books purchased.

Another interesting avenue of such a system is textbooks could also be available with an e-book – at least those few that are purchased new. When it comes to some class work, the ability to search an e-book for certain phrases makes some assignments a breeze.

The announcement will definitely help encourage those weary of making the switch, as well as helping Amazon solidify itself as the top retailer of books.