A home brewed life-saver

Some Ferris students turn coffee into a DIY project

While some students can’t go a day without their favorite drink from Starbucks or Biggby, other students on campus are making their own coffee, which saves them both valuable money and time within their busy schedules.

Josh Moscatello, sophomore, Computer Information Systems

“I don’t have the money to go out and get coffee every day, so I figured it would be cheaper to just buy a coffeemaker. I don’t need great coffee; I just need the caffeine to wake me up, so why pay four dollars at Starbucks? Plus, I work a lot of early morning desk shifts, so all I have to do is take five minutes to make coffee and I’m set for the morning.”

Autumn Waldron, sophomore, Architecture

“I work early in the morning, and I worked early in the morning all summer, so getting coffee was already part of my routine. I’ve been really missing it, so I just recently got a coffeemaker. I mean, I could buy coffee, but why buy it when I can make it fresh. I don’t have to go anywhere, I don’t have to get up early just for coffee. I work at the front desk a lot so I can just get up, grab my coffee, and go.”

Jillian Agee, sophomore, pre-nursing

“I’m going to buy one soon, actually. It’s really annoying to have to get up and go somewhere for it, and I’m always tired, so I decided it’d be a good idea to just get one. Even if you like Starbucks coffee, I feel like it’s really expensive to drop money on it every day. Plus, now they sell their coffee in stores anyways so you can go, ‘Oh, I’m addicted to Starbucks coffee,” [and] you can go and buy it in a pack at any store. Having [a coffeemaker] saves a lot of time instead of going to get coffee.”

Emily Browey, sophomore

“I use my coffeemaker every day. It’s way better… than going to The Rock or Starbucks or Biggby. It’s just easier. I buy cheap coffee for it, pre-ground stuff, but I add a lot of different creamers to it, so I can make it just the way I like, which you can’t always do with coffee that you have to buy.”