Off the record

Jason Vander Laan

Torch – First off, why did you choose Ferris?

Jason Vander Laan – Being from Chicago, I honestly never heard of Ferris while I was in high school. When I started getting recruited for football, Ferris came in and I began to learn more about them. I came up on a couple visits to the campus and when I was offered a scholarship, I knew this was the place to go.

Torch – A lot of people compare you to Tim Tebow, is that a fair comparison?

Vander Laan – I would say so. Our styles are similar and even though he had a short lived pro career, he was a phenomenal athlete in college that I can learn a lot from and can take away many positives from his career at Florida. He was a great leader as well and a firm believer in Christ, which are two aspects of my life I can never stop improving on.

Torch – But, you hit harder than Tebow right?

Vander Laan- I don’t know, but I’d like to think so. Our size and weight are relatively similar, but maybe someday if I can have a dream come true, we can go head to head and see who wins.

Torch – Let’s talk about Lake Erie where you scored seven touchdowns.

Vander Laan – Every game is something new and sometimes plays open up. We had tremendous blocking up front on the o-line, so really all I had to do was read their blocks. Likewise, we didn’t give up a single sack, which is credited completely to those guys. It can’t be said enough how important they are to our team’s success.

Torch – Ok, enough about football. What would we find in your fridge?

Vander Laan – Well, not too much. I definitely like to take advantage of unlimited food at the Rock, so I go there often. However, I always have the four necessities. Those being eggs, milk, orange juice and Gatorade, but it has to be G2.

Torch – Not a G1 fan?

Vander Laan – Nope, too much sugar. I feel like I have to chew it. G2 goes down way smoother, and I think they have better flavors. Fruit punch is outstanding.

Torch – Do you have any pregame rituals?

Vander Laan – No, I guess I’m almost superstitious about having a superstition. I like to do everything different every week.

Torch – Favorite sport other than football?

Vander Laan – Basketball.

Torch – Bulls?

Vander Laan – Definitely. Derrick Rose is coming back 100 percent, and he’s about to win Chicago another NBA Championship.

Torch – Favorite football movie?

Vander Laan – ”Remember the Titans” without a doubt.