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iOS 7 release comes with some new hidden features

The new release of iOS 7 ushers in a new era in iPhones, whether with the new 5S and 5C, or simply with the refreshing of older models.

Everyone has surely gotten familiar with a few of the new features, such as the notification center, with its shortcuts to a flashlight, calculator, clock, and camera. Besides these, there are some other, less overt new additions that greatly improve the smartphone experience.

• If you’re feeling a bit neurotic about that text that hasn’t been replied to yet, swipe left on a text message to find out the precise time a message came or went.

• If you need a bubble level to put something on the wall, use the Compass app with its new built-in bubble level.

• Be sure to turn on automatic application updates. They’ll make it so you no longer have to manually update apps when needed – a feature Apple has finally lifted from Android.

• Teach Siri how to pronounce your friend’s unique last name by saying “that’s not how you pronounce that” after she says it incorrectly.

• Folders now have no limit on how many applications can be placed inside them, helping those who want a single, clean home page.

• If you’re especially fond of privacy, be sure to limit ad tracking under privacy.

With these new features, the experience of iOS 7 will hopefully be improved, especially for those who dealt with the hassle of installing the update in the first place. ///