Fall favorites

Ferris students react to the changing of seasons

The first day of fall, formally known as the Autumnal Equinox, has come and gone.

Those who don’t pay attention to the calendar may have instead noted the change by the sudden appearance of colorful leaves, the proliferation of pumpkin-flavored everything and the suddenly all-too-chilly mornings. And so, with the changing season, Ferris students were posed the question “What is your favorite thing about fall?”

Rachel Moon, sophomore, radiology: “The leaves, for sure. And now I can get almost anything pumpkin flavored.”

Berta Logan, sophomore, hotel/restaurant management: “The color of the leaves, and the fact that I finally get to start wearing my jacket.”

Ian Benedict, sophomore, criminal justice: “I get to wear my Carhartt jacket, it’s about time. And jeans too.”

Steven Money, sophomore, graphic design: “Halloween! I’m not too old to put on a costume, right?”

Madison Szczesniak, senior, music industry management: “I’m excited for bonfire and sweater weather.”

Kason Cook, junior, CAD drafting and tool design: “I really like when all the colors change. And when the weather starts cooling down, it gets me excited for winter.”