Going hungry for the hungry

Students raise money, awareness during 30 Hour Famine

Although fighting world hunger is a big job, Ferris students are doing it on an empty stomach.

With the help of World Vision, Ferris’ national residence hall honorary (NRHH) is hosting a “30 Hour Famine” event. Participants will fast for 30 consecutive hours in order to raise donations and awareness for hungry people.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students unite to do the famine, according to the World Vision website.

“[Participants] learn about hunger, raise funds to help the hungry and then go hungry themselves,” wrote World Vision, a global non-profit organization.

The event starts at 11a.m. today and will continue until 5 p.m. tomorrow in the Brophy/McNerny Hall lobby. Participants will begin fasting on their own at 11a.m. and check in at the lobby at 4 p.m.

Students can sign up to be a part of the fast until 4p.m. today. A minimum donation of $30 is mandatory at registration.

Hunger MythBusters, movies, games and skits will entertain fasters.

“Every dollar that is raised will enable a child to eat for a day and have hope for tomorrow,” said Allegra Babiarz, Ferris 30 Hour Famine coordinator. “This means that we are not only providing food but also education, small business loans, seeds for farming and even livestock in some areas.”

According to Babiarz, Ferris has raised a total of $18,626.74 since the first fast was held at the university in 2005.

Babiarz hopes to bring awareness to show that hunger isn’t just a problem for developing countries. Hunger can also be found in the United States, even in students’ own backyards.

“As one of World Vision’s promotional videos stated, ‘there isn’t a food shortage causing the problem, it’s the distribution,”’ Babiarz said. “We will explore why there is a lapse in distribution and brainstorm ways to help more in our community.”