AdGroup wins big

RSO recognized at national competition, tops major universities

Ferris State University registered student organization (RSO) AdGroup won $1,500 in a national competition for promoting and throwing a party for a Chicago advertising agency.

The Monogram Group is an advertising agency that planned to be on AMC’s show “The Pitch,” which is closely related to the show Shark Tank.

“When they announced the winner I was so excited, but shocked at the same time,” Ferris senior majoring in advertising integrated marketing communications and Vice President of AdGroup Alyssa Angellotti said. “It was kind of surreal.”

AdGroup had to promote The Monogram Group’s slogan, hashtag famous now, which poked fun at their television debut.

“We started to post Vine videos and Instagram pictures that encompassed the famous now hashtag with humor, like having one our members run from a herd of groupies,” Angellotti said.

AdGroup was also able to throw a party during their episode on The Pitch.

“We created fliers promoting our party and passed them out to everybody,” Angellotti said. “The party was held at 11 p.m. on Oct. 3 and we had free pizza and gift card giveaways.”

Ferris senior majoring in advertising integrated marketing communications and President of AdGroup Jess Avery said they plan to donate some of their winnings to Bulldog Houses. Bulldog houses are trying to buy a house to help women that recently come out of the army and military transition into civilian life while they are attending school.

“We wanted to buy a room out of the house and decorate it to help them with that,” Avery said. “We’re also going to use the money to help our members financially and do as much as we can for Ferris and the community.”

The project started the second week of classes and the show premiered on Oct. 3.

The experience showed Angellotti and Avery what their RSO was truly capable of.

“I was so proud of everyone and can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the future.”