Building upgrades to save

Renovations to buildings on campus are estimated to save Ferris State University $115,000 a year.

The physical plant is continuing to improve on-campus buildings by making them energy efficient and water conservative.

Lighting upgrades have been completed in Pickell, Puterbaugh, Henderson, West Commons and the power plant. The Heavy Equipment building will also receive light upgrades, but are not expected to be completed until November.

According to Kara Pellerito, Ferris’ energy conservation manager, the costs of the new lighting upgrades were $240,000. However, it is estimated the new advancements will save $50,000 in annual energy costs.

A projected $30,000 in water and sewer costs will be saved annually due to the plumbing makeover at Pickell and Henderson Hall. The completed project came with a $50,000 price tag.

The steam traps across campus have also been updated for $5,000. The enhancements will save the university around $35,000 a year. These upgrades are expected to be completed by the end of October.

Future projects to continue Ferris’ sustainability efforts are already being discussed.

“There are plans to continue to improve the energy and water efficiency of buildings across campus. Planning is currently in progress for 2014 projects,” said Pellerito.

Ferris is following the trend many other universities across Michigan and nationwide are moving towards: a more eco-friendly campus. The move to make energy efficient and water conservative buildings is appealing not only because of the cost cuts but also the positive effect it has on the environment.