The Dawg Pound returns

As the cold weather comes around, there is only one thing Ferris students have on their mind – hockey season.

Hockey season at Ferris is more than a sport; it’s a passion, hobby and getaway every weekend.

Ferris students come together in the Dawg Pound every weekend to show their school pride and cheer on their hockey team.

Leader of the dog pound and criminal justice senior Thomas Szidik has been in charge since his sophomore year when the former leader pointed at Szidik during his last game and said “you!”

“Being the leader means I must make jokes, write funny things on the white board, bug the players on the ice, show the fans to let them see what I wrote, just make it a fun atmosphere for everyone,” Szidik said. “I love getting the crowd into the game, whether something good is happening or not, and getting everyone going and excited for hockey.”

Ferris students have many different reasons for going to the games, whether it’s the love of the game, the excitement from the crowd, or even the escape from their dorm rooms for the night. There is never a dull moment in the Dawg Pound.

“I enjoy coming to the games because I love the game of hockey and there is not a better place to come on a weekend,” Ferris sophomore sports marketing major Sean Meek said. “Also, Ferris has such a great team. Oh, and I come for the women, definitely the women.”

Students have shown their dedication and support to the boys for years by purchasing season tickets.

“I got season tickets because it is a great price for really good hockey,” Ferris sophomore welding engineering major Jake Portscheooer said. “I mean, it’s one step below the pros, and it is really fun to sit in the Dawg Pound with all of the creative chants while watching these guys.”

The Dawg Pound has high hopes for the Bulldogs this season. They packed the rink on opening weekend, and the students agree there is no better way to experience Ferris Hockey.

“Sit in the Dawg Pound; there is no other way,” senior social work major Neisha Hart said. “Get there early, maybe even an hour before if you want a good seat.”