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New concept for a “car mode” looks to help stop texting and driving

The danger of texting and driving is known to everyone on the road now, reinforced by a steady stream of public service announcements. But so far, there haven’t been any technological advances to stop the dangerous habit.

One designer proposed a new idea to deal with the increasing danger. Similar to airplane mode, a phone could be switched into “car mode.”

Under car mode, notifications would disappear, along with any other distracting noises and alerts. Hands-free calling and navigation would still be accessible to the driver. If any text messages come in, an automated reply would alert the sender that they are currently driving. When the car’s ignition is finally off, a full report of missed texts and notifications could be issued to the driver.

The problem with implementing such a system is whether or not the phone-obsessed public would actually use such a inhibiting feature.

Further partnerships between tech companies and insurance companies could come up with programs where logging enough hours could help decrease car insurance rates.

All of this would have to come in the distant future, with companies deciding that further intervention is needed to help the drivers with too little self-control to help themselves.