A weekend of irreverence

Ferris theatre to present renowned comedy

SpamalotThe end of this last week of October will be one of baudy irreverence and debauchery, full of people behaving badly.

The reason: “Spamalot – The Musical” has come to Ferris.

Based on the films of legendary comedy group Monty Python, “Spamalot” is a musical for both avid lovers of and relative newcomers to musicals and surrealist, over-the-top comedy.

It starts with King Arthur and his Knights gathering themselves and marching to Camelot, a Las Vegas-style show town where they are contacted by God to go in search for the Holy Grail. Laughs and hijinks ensue when the Knights are instructed to put on a Broadway musical and start running into things like a large wooden rabbit.

Ferris freshman pre-pharmacy major Adam Jandura has enjoyed learning and acting his role as Prince Herbert. Prince Herbert is an effeminate prince who hopes to escape the marriage his father has arranged for him. The only hope Prince Herbert has to escape is in the hands of Sir Lancelot.

Ferris senior computer networks and systems major Ethan Wagner will portray Sir Lancelot. He describes his first big role on campus.

“I hesitate to hold myself to his height, as he’s hilariously homicidal. However, I happen to hold his humor to heart and heard I’m at least half as handsome,” Wagner said.

Sir Robin joined the Knights of the Round Table at the same time Sir Lancelot did. Ferris senior forensic biology and psychology major Cassandra Halt will take on the role of Sir Robin. Halt invested time into learning how to become the character by returning to the source material, “Monty Python and The Holy Grail,” and to various scenes where Sir Robin appeared.

“The main difference, of course, is that I’m a female playing a male role. But even so, it was generally easy to fit into his role since Sir Robin likes to chicken out and run away a lot,” Halt said.

The cast believes both the younger Ferris audience and the surrounding Big Rapids community will appreciate the show.

“Being that this show is based on such a beloved comedy, I believe everyone will enjoy the show, from its familiar bits to the new material written for the musical,” Jandura said.

Wagner agreed, “I think the audience will enjoy the show’s tongue-in-cheek attitude. Spamalot doesn’t take itself seriously, and it’s a good lesson for anybody. Laugh more! Who couldn’t enjoy that?”

Ferris State Theatre will present “Spamalot” to the students and community starting Oct. 31 and running through Nov. 3. The opening night will take place at Williams Auditorium at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $5 for students, $7 for seniors and $10 for adults.