Denying dollars

SG finance division withdraws funding from automotive management RSO

The student government finance division revoked funding for the automotive management student organization (AMSO) due to a policy violation.

The finance division allocated the $1,999 to AMSO in September for an automotive event (SEMA) in November but recently found out rules had been broken.

Due to miscommunication after the AMSO treasurer left mid-semester, AMSO ordered their tickets to SEMA on the same day they requested funding, according to Ferris senior automotive management major and AMSO president Martin which is against finance division rules.

“The goal of going to this event is to see what is up and coming in the automotive aftermarket,” Martin said. “The other goal of attending SEMA is to network with potential employers since there will be approximately 2,400 companies [there].”

On Oct. 22, Martin appealed to the finance division to keep their allocated funds but was denied. Eleven students will still attend the event, but funding will be much tighter. Each student will have to pay about $700 for the airfare, hotel, taxi and convention fees.

Finance division members discussed the allocation given to the disability education and awareness RSO that brought wheelchair basketball to campus. They did not update their OrgSync profile, a rule that RSOs must follow to receive funding. At the next finance division meeting they will have the opportunity to appeal to determine if they can keep the allocated money or if they have to pay it back.

Finance division meetings are held biweekly and are an extension of student government.

Interim Vice President Don Flickinger spoke to students at the student government meeting on Oct. 22 about the task force. The task force is a group of 19 faculty members that have met for the month of October to discuss why student credit hours have dropped. Flickinger wanted to get to the bottom of how and why students come to Ferris and stay.

Some of the students came to Ferris because of their program, others came for financial aid and some because a recruiter made Ferris appealing.

“You are the best recruiters we have,” Flickinger said.