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FAA loosens restrictions on electronic devices

ou’re ready to go on a flight – seatbelt on, seatback in an upright position, tray table stowed and locked. Then, they tell you to turn off all electronic devices. You look around to the other passengers and see those reading newspapers and magazines with no one batting an eye.

The FAA has decided that those rules need to be changed in this modern time and will allow airlines to change their policies to allow for this change.

This change will start to be rolled out to the various airlines as they decide how they want to implement such changes. Some more “hip” airlines such as JetBlue and Virgin America have shown more interest in changing their policies as soon as possible, while legacy airlines are taking more time to consider their options.

Despite this, regulations will still require everyone to remove distractions during takeoff and landing, the two most dangerous phases of flight.

Airlines will also require phones to be set on airplane mode with no transmitting signal. Although recent testing has shown no issues with the airplane when allowing for such phone activity, airlines still don’t want to take that risk.

And no one wants to be on a flight with every other passenger talking on the phone.