Off the record: Nichole Boehnke

Torch-First off, tell me about where you are from.

NB-I’m from Grand Blanc, Michigan. I have lived there since I was four and was born in Flint.

Torch-When did you first start playing soccer? Was it your first sport?

NB-Yeah it was. I played volleyball AAU and in middle school, but never in high school. I first started AYSO when I was in kindergarten and started playing travel for Vardar in seventh grade and Vardar ECNL my junior year of high school.

Torch-Did you always feel you could play soccer collegiately?

NB-Yeah I did, but it wasn’t until junior year spring season that I actually started to consider playing in college. Before that I didn’t have much desire to play after high school.

Torch-What fueled your decision to choose Ferris?

NB-During visits it was the only school that I felt like I would enjoy spending time at. Plus, during the official visit with the team, it just felt right. After that, I didn’t look into any other schools.

Torch-Now with Andy at the helm, do you feel as though the team performed up to your expectations?

NB-He holds us to a high standard, which really motivates us to not only play for ourselves, but the team, because everyone is counting on each other to give 100 percent when they step on the field. However, our team goal was to finish top three, and we finished fifth, so we know we have some work to do in the spring.

Torch-What’s your favorite TV show?

NB-That’s almost impossible to answer. Right now I’m watching Elementary, How I Met Your Mother and The Mindy Project.

Torch-What’s the most ridiculous thing that has happened to you on the soccer field?

NB-I have broken my nose three times since my sophomore year in high school and I need to get it fixed again over break from a collision during this season.

Torch-Jeez, maybe you should start to wear a mask like Richard Hamilton.

NB-No thanks.

Torch-What is something most people don’t know about you?

NB-I hate pretty much all food outside of bread and fries.

Torch-Wait, what? Nothing but bread and fries, why?

NB-Like, I don’t like cheese or many meats; no condiments or sauces. I’m just very picky.

Torch-What are your goals before you graduate, in soccer and life?

NB-Win GLIACs for soccer. This spring break I’m going to Australia, so I guess just doing more stuff like that before I graduate when I have the time to just do fun things.