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Website maps out where the “F-bomb” is being dropped on Twitter

On an average day, more than 500 million tweets are sent on Twitter. A small portion of those use some explicit words, including the F-bomb.

A new site,, allows you to see a map of the world with each instance of the word being used by location.

When a new tweet comes in with the golden word, a small explosion is seen on the map before a marker is placed on the tweet’s location. Then, you can read the tweet in question, leading to some interesting messages from all portions of the globe.

Developed by a Canadian college student, he understands that most users will only remain on

the site for 30-60 seconds. But if you go on at certain pivotal moments such as a major sports game, you should be able to discern some trends. Or visit late at night to see a wide selection of drunken tweets from users all around the world.

Other trends simply appear from a normal day including a large number of tweets from our own great state of Michigan. Well, at least from the Lower Peninsula, because I’m not sure if the UP has got internet yet.