Learning for prevention

Students certified in alcohol intervention procedures

Ferris students have received training to prepare them with skills and confidence to intervene in a high-risk drinking situation.

Students participated in Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS), which is designed to teach students how to handle alcohol-related situations and gives students the tools to help others in need.

“In college there are parties, and if we can all do our part to hold people accountable for responsible drinking, there might be safer outcomes,” Ferris finance senior Lauren Slevin said.

The Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services hosted the free training session for students and was sponsored by the Vice President of Student Affairs’ Office.

Students were taught how to identify possible life-threatening situations. Video demonstrations and interactive discussions were done to show participants how to recognize cues and behaviors that suggest an unsafe amount of alcohol consumption.

The program’s ultimate goal is to build upon the concern students feel for the safety of their friends and peers. The students who participated in the training session were told to take a non-judgmental approach when dealing with alcohol-related situations. They learned about decision-making skills, confidence, interpersonal skills, respect and concern for others and leadership qualities.

Ferris sophomore business data analytics major Lindsey Theis said her sorority, Delta Zeta, made TIPS certification mandatory.

“I will apply [these skills] whenever the need should arrive when I’m out and about,” Theis said.

According to National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, students involved in the Greek community tend to drink more alcohol than non-Greek students.

The TIPS certification lasts for three years and many students also use it to build their resume.

Slevin, also a Delta Zeta member, said she enjoyed her experience learning facts such as how to monitor alcohol ratios and consumption rates. She said now she feels confident in applying her new skill set.