SG amends budget

Student government amended its budget by adding $2,000 to send four student government members to a conference at Texas A&M for the BIG Event.

Student government facilitates the BIG Event each year. The budget for the BIG Event is $15,500.

For the BIG Event, students perform service projects for the community including yard work, window washing and more.

Student government members voted individually and unanimously in favor of amending the extra $2,000 into their budget.

Texas A&M created the BIG Event and will be hosting the conference from Jan. 31 to Feb. 2.

“[Students attending the conference will] hopefully bring back how they run a house evaluation, how to make it smoother [and] how they decide what houses they go to,” Student Government Administrative Assistant Amanda Jewell said.

“The BIG Event impacts hundreds of community members in the city of Big Rapids and its surrounding area,” the Ferris BIG Event Facebook page read. “As the largest student-run community service effort in the nation, The Big Event is one-of-a-kind in that is unifies the campus with the surrounding community in a showing of gratitude through philanthropy.”

The BIG Event is currently the biggest philanthropy event in Michigan, according to Jewell.