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Electronic card streamlines your wallet

If you’re sick of a wallet being so thick it weighs down your pants or purse, then Coin might be able to slim down your possessions.

Being the same dimensions as a normal credit card, this small electronic device can simultaneously be your debit, credit, and gift cards. Coin can store up to eight cards with more that can be switched out with the accompanying phone app.

Selecting a small button on the card allows you to cycle through your cards for the one you currently want to use. Cards are imported onto the device by scanning them with an attachment that inputs the cards data into your phone.

A low-powered Bluetooth connection to your phone will notify you if you leave your card behind. If you still misplace the card or it is stolen, then the card can be automatically deactivated to prevent unauthorized use.

Security features, such as 128-bit or 256-bit server encryption, ensure your personal data stays safe from prying eyes.

The price of such convenience is a 50 dollar preorder, but it will go on sale at a later point for 100 dollars.