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Want a better panoramic picture? Then throw your camera in the air

Are you tired of doing a panning swipe of your camera in order to get that panoramic shot you want?

Several new cameras are being released to facilitate the process by making them aerial.

Panono and Squito are two companies that may soon be entering the market with a ball-shaped camera. Both devices feature multiple cameras affixed facing outward.

When thrown in the air, the lens, are able to create a 360 degree view, capturing in ways much greater than current devices can.

With such a final image, it will be possible to relive the situation by using a tablet to move through the photo and orient yourself through the sphere.

The situations where such a device will have functionality would be seen in more than simple travel or fun, personal photography. Emergency crews would be able to survey a scene quickly for further planning or for crime scene investigations to capture an aerial view.

In addition, throwing a several hundred dollar camera up in the air would be pretty fun, though the real challenge will be in catching the ball cameras before they hit the ground.