Off the Record with Connor Schmidt

New Year's Edition

Ferris State sophomore defenseman, Connor Schmidt, has helped lead the Bulldogs to a 14-2-3 record including a 15-game unbeaten streak. Schmidt shares on this incredible season and what the New Year holds for Bulldogs hockey. This is Connor Schmidt, Off the Record.

Torch-First off, what was your favorite moment in Ferris hockey in 2013?

CS-Actually, right now would be my favorite moment. We’re #2 in the nation right now with a 15 game unbeaten streak and we’re playing the best hockey we have played all throughout 2013.
So just being a part of this team and this great organization right now would be my favorite moment, and hopefully it will carry into 2014.

Torch-Did you foresee this kind of success heading into the 2013-14 season?

CS-Yeah, I actually did. Ever since the first day of training camp back in August before school started, everyone on the team had a feeling that we were going to be good this year. We have more than two or three guys that are producing, the best goalie in the nation, and a lot of freshman stepping up their game. With this young team we have, I think the future of Ferris State hockey is looking bright.

Torch-Just looking at the month of November, the team won eight games with two ties and no losses. Explain the impeccable team play this season in your own words.

CS-I think a big reason why we are so successful is because of how close our team is. We’re like a big family and that is a big part of being a great team. Another big part is the leadership we

have. With such a young team, we have to depend on guys like Scott Czarnowczan and Garrett Thompson to be guys that you can look up to or go to for guidance.

Torch-What did you get for Christmas?

CS-(laughs) I got a lot of clothes, a couple pairs of shoes, an iPad mini, and even a guitar. I don’t know if my parents are trying to help me out with the ladies or what, but I’m going to have to learn how to play real quick.

Torch-(laughs) Oddly enough; I got an acoustic guitar for Christmas this year too. I wonder what they are trying to tell us.

CS-Parents these days, you never know what they are thinking.

Torch-On the subject of ladies, talking to Dom (Panetta), he says that hockey players should stay away from Ferris girls, which is almost a cliché at this point. What’s your opinion of Ferris ladies?

CS-(laughs) With my experience, Dom might be right, but just in case there’s a Ferris babe for me that I don’t know about out there that goes to Ferris. I’m going to have to plead the fifth on this one.

Torch- Masterfully put. Everyone wants to know what goes on inside a clubs locker room these days. Anything you can share on what happens in the Ferris locker room?

CS-What goes on in the locker room, stays in the locker room. I’ll just let everyone’s imagination run wild.

Torch- Fair enough. Do you have any odd pregame rituals?

CS-Yeah, I actually do. I’m the only one who showers before every game. I don’t know why, but I have been doing it for three or four years now.

Torch-Best fighter or instigator in hockey history?

CS-I’m going to have to go with Bob Probert on this one, he’s a legend.

Torch-His fight against Curt Fraser is still one of my favorites. Now, looking at your roster picture, your hair is admirable. Who has the best hair in all of sports?

CS-(laughs) Hair is something that I take pride in, and it’s a lot harder to take care of than it looks. But, right now I’d keep it in hockey and say Kris Letang from the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Torch-Last questions, with the 2013 part of the season in the books, give me your insight on the 2014 finish for the Bulldogs.

CS-Keep heading in the right direction and keep getting better as a team every day. If we do that, then there’s nothing this team can’t achieve. Philly is our main goal, and it’s where we want to be at the end of the season. If we can continue to play as a team, then we have a good chance to bring home a championship to Big Rapids.