Power outages causes inconveniences across campus

Two separate outages affected the southwest and northwest ends of campus

UPDATE Jan. 15 11 p.m.: All power has been restored on campus and further classes will resume as normal.

Due to power outages across campus, many students spent their first day back learning in dark classrooms.

An outage caused by a transformer failure occurred on the northeast side of campus.

Ferris sophomore pre-med major Danielle Metts said that the halls in Alumni were pitch black. Her class lasted only 15 minutes before her professor dismissed class because of the dark.

The transformer failure impacted Prakken, Alumni, West, Granger and Automotive buildings. A new transformer is expected to be replaced by midnight, according to Ferris’ website.

“I was upset because it’s the first day back and we lost power and internet,” Ferris senior pharmacy major and Puterbaugh resident Megan Gallagher said.

Puterbaugh, Henderson, Bond, Cramer, Westside Café, West Campus Apartments, Creative Arts Center and Southwest Commons were among the buildings affected by a blown fuse. The fuse was replaced as of 6:30 p.m., according to Ferris’ website.

“After the power was restored, my fan doesn’t work properly,” Ferris freshman social studies major and bond hall resident Evan Koski said. “It’s just an inconvenience.”