The struggle is real

Winter in Big Rapids makes transportation a major hassle

Winter makes transportation difficult by itself, and being a college student in this weather is even worse.

With winter in full force in Big Rapids, students can find it challenging when traveling to class. Whether it be walking across campus, trekking to the library, or driving from an off-campus apartment, every student faces an inconvenience of some sort.

“The most frustrating part about living off campus in the winter is making sure you have enough time every day to brush off your car, start it up, and make it there safely,” Ferris junior Josh Ward said. “There were a couple times last year when I would walk in late to class because I didn’t give myself enough time.”

Ward recommends planning out each day with your classes and giving yourself plenty of time to make it from one location to another. Ward made it clear that driving fast in bad conditions is no way to make up for lost time.

“If you have to rush around and are in a hurry to get to class every day, that’s when accidents happen,” Ward said. “It’s better to be early to class and be safe, rather than rush around and put yourself in danger.”

For those who have yet to experience a Big Rapids winter, brace yourselves. It’s cold, icy, and never fails to dump inches and inches of snow across the town. Ferris junior Kyle Vander Ploeg is experiencing his first winter in Big Rapids after transferring from Grand Valley.

“It’s going to be a lot different getting to class this year since I’m living off campus,” Vander Ploeg said. “I’m really not looking forward to getting up earlier to start my vehicle in the morning. From what I’ve heard, parking is going to be a lot of fun, too.”

With as unpredictable as Michigan winters are, try to always stay one step ahead so you know what to expect each morning. Check the weather before you go to bed and give yourself as much time as possible. If you’re walking across campus, make sure to bundle up. A pair of boots goes a long way in surviving Michigan winters.