Part of the family

Assistant coach adjusts to life as a Bulldog

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, assistant women’s basketball coach Shea Mead is reveling in his role.

Mead is twenty-four years old and is a graduate of Central Michigan University, with a Master’s degree in sports administration.

In order to get where he is now, Mead had to first figure out what he wanted to do in college.

“I went to CMU to become an athletic trainer,” Mead said. “After the first year, I realized that it was not for me. I went into a field called sports studies instead because of my love for sports.”

During Mead’s years in high school and college, he undertook coaching jobs and helping out at practices.

“In 2007, which would have been my senior year in high school, I helped out as a practice player at Catholic Central,” Mead said. “I worked with the women’s basketball team at CMU for four years: two as a practice player/manager, one as head manager, and one as a grad assistant.”

Mead first realized he wanted to coach when he was a junior at CMU because of all the time he spent helping out the women’s basketball team.

“I thoroughly enjoyed helping out the women’s team and wanted to do more with coaching,” Mead said. “I really realized my passion when I started coaching the 7th grade boys’ team and the 8th grade girls’ team at Beal City my senior year of college. So I went back to get my master’s and continued to help out with the women’s team at CMU.”

After graduating from CMU, Mead started his job hunt by contacting Ferris’ head coach, Colleen Lamoreaux-Tate.

“I have known Colleen since I was thirteen, and when I was looking for a job, I emailed her and said if I did not get any offers, then if there would be some way I could become a volunteer,” Mead said. “Colleen called me and said, ‘It’s funny you asked.My assistant, Charlotte, was stepping down, so the assistant position would be open.’”

Mead finished the hiring process and was brought onto staff in June.

“For the team, I get all of the film from the opponents, coordinate all of our road trips, help with scouting new recruits for the team, and do a lot of fundraising for the team,” Mead said.

Even though Mead has only been with the Bulldogs since June, he is thankful for all of the time he has been able to spend with the team.

“I am proud and honored to be a part of the team,” Mead said. “I am just very proud to be able to be a part of this Ferris family and I am thankful Colleen gave me the opportunity to be a part of it all.”

When asked if he would ever change schools, Mead simply said all he is doing is climbing the ladder.

“I do not want to say I do not have the mindset, but I just don’t have the personality to become a head coach,” Mead said. “I like being the assistant.”

Mead is convinced that the women’s team is currently set on the right track to victory.

“We are right there on the edge of turning the corner,” Mead said. “When we do, I think we are going to be a really great team.”