Homecoming committee seeks new applicants, higher membership

The CLACS office is looking for students to apply for a position on the homecoming committee RSO.

“We are looking for students who are innovative and want to do something new and different,” said Assistant Director at the Center for Leadership Activities and Career Services Amber Kniebel.

Students interested in becoming a chair on the homecoming committee for the fall of 2014 must submit an OrgSync application and have a minimum 2.5 GPA, according to Kniebel.

The homecoming committee will begin meeting in March 2014. The positions available include: overall chair, promotions and community outreach chair, king and queen selection chair, bedsheet banner chair, lipsync chair, kickball chair, comedian chair and parade chair.

Every year the homecoming committee receives $3,000 from the Vice President of Student Affairs’ office.

Last fall, the homcoming committee utilized a rollover of $3,183.90 from the previous year. Combined with the money from the VP of Student Affairs’ office, the committee had $6,183.90 to work with.

Students interested in learning more can contact Amber Kniebal at amberbalmer@nullferris.edu.