SG asks for student input

Students can petition for policy changes

Student government plans to begin questioning policy and implementing petitions for changes the student body would like to see.

According to Student Government Public Relations Specialist Carman Plank, student government members, along with the student body, are encouraged to suggest policy changes that they would like to see at Ferris. Student government will then take a vote, and once a motion has been made, student government will back the petitions.

“Policy is very important; that’s what student government is all about,” Director of Finance Noah Moss said.

Student government has supported others’ petitions in the past but has not begun them on their own, Plank said.

Moss brought up the idea of beginning petitions, starting with skateboarding. Moss believes people should be able to skate at Ferris without receiving a citation.

“When we have tabling events on campus that are part of public relations held by Carman Plank, I would like to offer up educational information on skateboarding on campus and have a petition available to make [skateboarding no longer a violation],” Moss said.

The petitions will be brought to the authorities from whom they originate. Plank used the skateboarding petition as an example that would be hypothetically brought to DPS.

Students with petition ideas for student government can contact Carman Plank or any of the e-board members. Student government has a Facebook page where students are encouraged to send petition requests, as well.