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Candy Crush Saga continues reign of dominance by enforcing trademark

The most popular game right now, from all types of systems and all around the world, now holds the trademark for the word “candy.”

Now that they have the incredibly and impossibly broad trademark, granted to them by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, they now legally must enforce such from any other entity that uses “their” word., the game owner behind Candy Crush Saga, is using this new-found legal power to force out any competition.

Well, not only just their direct competition. Non-competing games such as Candy Casino Slots are being affected by such a trademark.

The irony of Candy Crush Saga trying to eliminate those who copy their game style is quite palpable. Their own hit concept was taken from Bejeweled (do we all have such short term memory that we have forgotten such a hit game?).

The monopolistic practices of with their “saga” games have begun to mimic those of Zygna. For those who don’t make the connection, they are the powerhouse developer behind Farmville and their catalog of “–ville” games. Well, along with their histories of copying game concepts from smaller developers.

And when Candy Crush Saga falls away to obscurity much like Farmville, they will be sure to find a new game concept to redevelop and be the new fad for the masses to enjoy.