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New Facebook app will reinvigorate the social media site

Everyone wants a better experience when it comes to mindless scrolling through Facebook, seeing that one acquaintance go on vacation while another one gets engaged.

And on February 3, Facebook did just that.

The new app, called Paper, is currently iOS-only and available in the App Store.

Removing all buttons and changing the user interface allows for each post to fill the screen when viewing.

Organized by sections, you scroll through cards for each section and can then maximize ones of interest by swiping them upward.

Other new features include the ability to turn the phone to tilt through a wide photo.

The experience of using the app is night and day compared to the current Facebook app used by basically everyone who owns an iPhone.

But with its role as a new test bed for the interface, it may not totally replace the experience we all love to waste time on. Well, in between games of Candy Crush or Temple Run or whatever timewaster catches your fancy.