Men try to go above and beyond for their girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. For women, sometimes the best they can do for their man is something really simple.

“I’m really not the going out type of person; I’d much rather just stay inside than go out to a fancy dinner,” said Greg Jonker, a junior in the welding engineering technology program. “If I could just come home, lie down, watch some Netflix and have my girlfriend make me some fajitas, that’d be ideal.”

That dream of simplicity is shared by Will Borden, a senior in the automotive engineering program. For him, it is the little things in a relationship that matter for having a great Valentine’s Day.

“Just going star gazing or even sledding, something along those lines,” Borden said. “Something less traditional and something a little more personal. A day to just really enjoy one another’s company.”

As for what gifts to receive on Valentine’s Day, Jonker had one specific gift in mind.

“A cookie cake,” Jonker said. “All I’d want is a nice cookie cake. What kind of problems can’t be solved with a cookie cake? Honestly, I probably wouldn’t even share the cookie cake with my girlfriend.”

Role reversal can be a delicate subject, but Valentine’s Day is about couples coming together. What better way than to take turns giving each other a fabulous Valentine’s Day?