Sex Toys 101

Employees at Fantasies Unlimited have the pleasure of selling erotic fun for a living.

Fantasies Unlimited is an adult sex toy store located on the south side Big Rapids. This year, Fantasies is preparing for Valentine’s Day with couples’ toy gift sets and games, S&M accessories and handcuffs. The store also carries several tobacco smoking accessories in the Laughing Buddah section.

Fantasies sales associate Amy Hren shared some of her Valentine’s Day advice for couples.

“Some people have wide varieties of suitcases of toys, so they come in here and you can’t show them anything new,” Hren said.

While most men like buying sexy lingerie for their girlfriends, women are encouraged to switch things up and buy something fun for their boyfriends, too.

Though it may be awkward for a couple entering the store for the first time, it’s important to have open conversations about everything, including sex.

“If you really want to be able to have a good relationship… then that does involve the aspects of sexuality,” said Doctor Robert Friar, who teaches human sexuality and anatomy and physiology at Ferris. “It’s like being able to talk about anything else.”

The shop features many types of toys for women and men, including cock rings, bullets, basic vibrators, jack rabbit vibrators, dildos and anal plugs. Soon to arrive in the store is a selection of 20 to 40 items designed for gay men. Fantasies also carries lubricants, sex furniture and a wide selection of pornography, such as “Harry Twatter”, “Debbie Does Dallas” and a parody version of “The Hangover.”

One of the most popular products sold at Fantasies is the Jelly Caribbean, a basic vibrator with a unique shape to give a woman G-spot stimulation.

If you have any questions, the staff at Fantasies is more than happy to help. They hear “I have a weird question…” several times a day and are not opposed to “strange” requests.

Fantasies manager Amber Moon said her staff brings a new meaning to “have a good night” because when customers leave the store, they know they’ll once again be satisfied when they go home.

“The school kids come in and they like all the funny stuff like the giant double-ended dildo or the Ass Master; stuff to laugh at,” Hren said.

Whether looking for something to make her panties fly off or a gag gift for a friend’s 21st birthday, Fantasies and The Laughing Buddha have been expanding merchandise and doing remodeling to improve the store environment. The store also has a special boob and dong decorating Valentine’s Day fundraiser for the Animal Rescue Coalition (ARC) of Mecosta County to help give back to the community.

Fantasies and The Laughing Buddha are located at 13480 Northland Drive and can be found online at All patrons must be 18 or older and have a valid driver’s license to enter the store.