Off the record with Daniel Sutherlin

On this edition of Off the Record, former Ferris State standout forward and current student assistant coach, Daniel Sutherlin, opens up on varying topics. Only one year removed from his playing days, Sutherlin sheds light on the transition to coaching his former team along with giving an insight to his personal life. This is Daniel Sutherlin, Off the Record.

Torch-First off, how has the transition from player to coach been for you?

DS-It’s been pretty fun for the most part. Obviously I still want to be out there on the court competing, but being on the sidelines in the role of student assistant coach has been the next best thing. I definitely see a lot more of what’s going on the court than I did while I was a player.

Torch-Do you ever strap ‘em on and get on the court to show the kids how it’s done?

DS-All the time (laughs). I practice with them whenever I can. I have to remind them I still haven’t lost a step.

Torch-How hard is it for you to watch the guys play from the courtside now?

DS-Honestly, it’s one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to do. I still love the game just as much as I did while I was a player. When you love the game so much all you want to do is just keep playing it. I think about my playing days almost every day.

Torch-Now that your playing days are behind you, do you think that you might have a career in coaching?
DS-Possibly, I will never say never. If it does happen, though, I think it will be further down the line. Right now, my focus is on my dual major. If that doesn’t work out then I would strongly consider maybe pursuing a coaching career.

Torch-Looking at this season, you guys currently sit at 7-15. Is this year a setback for a Ferris program that has been so good over the past decade?

DS-It’s a minor setback. A minor setback that’s going to set us up for a major comeback and no one is giving up on the season just yet. We have four conference games left and if we can win out and get a little bit of from other teams losing, and then we have a chance to sneak into the eighth seed in the conference tournament.

Torch-Fair enough, now for some hard hitting questions. Who is the worst at free throw shooting, Dwight Howard last season or Shaq throughout his whole career?

DS-(laughs) That’s a tough one! It’s close, but I’ve got to go with Shaq. Neither one is any good, but I give Dwight a slight edge because at least he’s got a decent looking form. Shaq looks like he just lobs the ball up at the rim and tries to pray it in.

Torch-(laughs) Tell me you saw John Wall go off in the dunk contest. What’s your opinion on the contest nowadays compared to the Jordan and Webb period?

DS-I watched the dunk contest in its entirety and I’ve got to say I was very impressed. The actual dunks in this year’s contest were more than enough to get me interested in the dunk contest again.
Torch-What are your guilty pleasures?

DS-Midnight runs to McDonalds is definitely on that list. The McFlurry is almost like an addiction for me (laughs). I am also a huge movie head, I watch them all the time. Some might say the fact that I am a huge Lakers fan is one of those guilty pleasures too.

Torch-Big question, who has the better three point shot, Bulldog’s own Sarah DeShone or ‘Downtown’ Kenny Brown?

DS-(laughs) I’ve got to go with my boy Kenny. No disrespect to Sarah because I have seen her hit a multitude of threes and I like her shot. Kenny just has a certain flair about his shot and it’s pretty fun to watch.

Torch-Where do you see yourself in five years?

DS-In five years I see myself with a full time career in finance and I also see myself working out plans to start my own business.