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Imagine the most absurd yet decadent hot dog you can. What’s on it? Apples? Bacon? Both? That hot dog is available at The Dog Dish.

The Dog Dish, which opened late in 2013, serves up a slate of unconventional hot dogs. The young business takes hot dogs beyond the usual combination of ketchup and mustard and offers hot dogs topped with potato chips, BBQ sauce, bacon, macaroni and cheese, and roasted slices of Fuji apples.

“I got the ’Johnny Appleseed’ and the ‘Oink and Cheese’,” said forensic chemistry senior Cassie Halt. “The ‘Oink and Cheese’ is my current favorite. I’m really partial to their chili dogs, too.”

Ryan Erb, one of three employees at The Dog Dish said when it comes to all customers, there is no clear cut crowd favorite.

“The ‘Oink and Cheese’ is really popular, I’ve noticed. But it’s hard to single out a favorite.

We’ve never gotten a complaint about any of them”, Erb said.

Besides offering an eyebrow-raising menu, The Dog Dish makes an effort to engage with customers beyond the usual customer service encounter. On Valentine’s Day, the eatery featured a challenge that involved drawing from a deck of playing cards. If customers drew a heart card, their meal was free.

An ongoing challenge offered by The Dog Dish is the opportunity for a customer to get their name in the “Dog Dish Hall of Fame.” To do so, the aspiring eater must down eleven of The Dog Dish’s signature hot dogs in 3 hours, with no beverage provided. Upon completion, the winner receives a t-shirt and a place on the wall of fame.

Beyond just serving hot dogs, The Dog Dish involves itself in the Ferris community as well. Every Wednesday night at The Dog Dish is a fundraiser night. Students can book any Wednesday night in advance, and from 5 until 8 p.m., a percentage of all sales will go to the night’s featured organization.

“From 5 until 8 p.m. every Wednesday, 12 percent of all sales will go to whatever charity we’re hosting that night,” said the owner, who wished to remain unnamed. “We really want to give back to the community.”

Apart from just the Ferris community, the owner states The Dog Dish has been looking for reasons to give back to the Big Rapids community as a whole, and has plans to start a fundraiser for the local schools.

The Dog Dish is located on 714 Perry Ave. between The Gate and Maurice’s, and it is open every day but Sunday. For a full menu or to contact The Dog Dish about booking a fundraiser night, go to their website at dogdish714.wix.com/all-beef-dogs.