Ferris welcomes new VP of Student Affairs

Dr. Jeanine Ward-Roof, the new vice president for student affairs said she has had to learn to combat the Big Rapids ice, a rare sight in her previous residence in Florida.

Ward-Roof previously held the position of dean of students at Florida State University. She assumed her role at Ferris on Monday, Feb. 17.

“I affectionately call it [my first week] my listening tour,” Ward-Roof said. “I’m trying to listen to everything that everybody thinks and meet people. I’ve met with a lot of administrators and students. I attended the student government meeting and we had a board of trustees meeting, so I’ve had lots of opportunities to learn.”

Ward-Roof will serve as an adviser to student government along with Dean of Student Life Leroy Wright.

Student government President Andrew Kalinowski met with Ward-Roof on Feb. 17. Kalinowski said Ward-Roof wanted to interact with students the second she got here. He said he could tell she really cares about the students.

“I believe Dr. Ward-Roof will be a great asset to the student body, Ferris State University and the Big Rapids community,” Kalinowski said.

According to Ward-Roof, her position at Ferris as the vice president for student affairs is all about supporting student success.

“It’s really thinking about how far Ferris reaches and what we are doing to help students not only get access to the institution, but be successful and graduate while they’re here,” Ward-Roof said.

While Ward-Roof is getting acclimated to Ferris’ campus, the semester is in full swing. Ward-Roof and student government have met to create and collaborate different events on campus.

“I’ve found a lot of students who are really committed to their education, very proud of Ferris and really looking to make a difference while they’re here,” Ward-Roof said.